• What are you doing?

    What is Statuz?

    Statuz is a community of people answering one question: What are you doing?

    On Statuz, all the status updates you see are based on location and the demographics of people you chose.

    Example: A 20 year old male could opt to see status updates by males and females 20 to 25 within 10 miles of his location. But if any females only chose to be followed only by females, that male would not see any of those females statuses. So even though you do not have followers, there must be a two way agreement  to see each other's content. The cool thing is, as you move, your followers change as well as the people you follow.

    As a user, you can turn any combination of comment, like and direct message buttons on or off. Share freely without judgement of your community; or opt to receive engagement from others, it always your choice.

    Stay in touch with the latest and greatest in your local area and beyond. See what people are doing and what events are happening within 5 miles or more from where you are. Your content feed is solely based on your geographical location and the demographics of people you chose. Always know what's happening around you in the moment.

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